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James Burks


James Burks

James Burks

Books by James Burks

Written by Joan Holub with illustrations by James Burks - Animals , Children's 4-8, Fiction, Humor

Ava and Itty Bitty Kitty are off to visit the firehouse! Ava’s giant cat is usually less than purr-fectly behaved, and this trip is no exception! Will Itty Bitty’s nose for trouble make them new friends --- or make their visit to the firehouse a disaster?

written and illustrated by James Burks - Children's, Fiction, Graphic Novel

Beep is a robot who hungers for adventure. Bah is a goat who wants to stay out of trouble. When Bah discovers a single sock, Beep knows there's only one thing to do: find its match! Together, Beep and Bah begin a winding journey that takes them up high hills and into the deep ocean. On the way, they'll meet monkeys, whales and angry bears. But will they find the missing sock?

written and illustrated by James Burks