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James Buckley, Jr.


James Buckley, Jr.

James Buckley, Jr.

Books by James Buckley, Jr.

Written by James Buckley, Jr. with illustrations by Jake Murray - African American Interest, Biography, Children's 8-12, Children's Nonfiction, History, Nonfiction, Prejudice , Racism

African American educator, author, speaker, and advisor to presidents of the United States, Booker Taliaferro Washington was the leading voice of former slaves and their descendants during the late 1800s. As part of the last generation of leaders born into slavery, Booker believed that blacks could better progress in society through education and entrepreneurship, rather than trying to directly challenge the Jim Crow segregation. After hearing the Emancipation Proclamation and realizing he was free, young Booker decided to make learning his life. 

by James Buckley, Jr. - Biography, Children's 8-12, Children's Nonfiction, History, Holocaust
On a list of the worst people ever, Adolf Hitler is certainly at or near the top. Born the son of a low-ranking government official, no one would have predicted that the young Adolf would grow up and become the leader of millions of Germans as well as one of the most despised figures of the twentieth century. When Hitler entered politics, he found himself surrounded by people who agreed with him. Who would listen to his rants and would happily follow his every decree and cheer his every word. But why did people let him do that? Why did they follow him? And what made Adolf Hitler so popular?
by Carmelo Piazza and James Buckley, Jr. - Education, Fiction, Science

Designed to encourage kids' natural love of science from an early age, this book promotes scientific observation, exploration, and analysis in a way that little kids can get excited about --- through do-it-yourself experiments! Each chapter introduces a different branch of science, including biology, chemistry, and physics through kid-friendly experiments --- all of which are linked to science curriculum requirements for grades K through 3.

by James Buckley, Jr.

Fascinating facts and cool action photos from the NFL make this a can't-miss book for football fans. Find out more about the game, the league and some of the top players.