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J. Patrick Lewis


J. Patrick Lewis

J. Patrick Lewis was born in Gary, Indiana, and he is the current Children Poet's Laureate. He has written more than seventy children's books, including ONCE UPON A TOMB: Gravely Humorous Verses. J. Patrick Lewis lives in Ohio.

J. Patrick Lewis

Books by J. Patrick Lewis

by J. Patrick Lewis and Johanna Wright - Humor, Literary, Literature, Poetry

Thirteen classic poems by poets such as Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson and David McCord are paired with parodies written by J. Patrick Lewis that honor and play off of the original poems in a range of ways. This playful introduction to classics will inspire imagination and wonder even as it tickles funny bones.

by J. Patrick Lewis - Nature, Picture, Poetry, Poetry Collection, Police Procedural, Political Science, Political Thriller, Politics

When words in verse are paired with the awesomeness of nature, something magical happens! Beloved former U.S. Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis curates an exhuberant poetic celebration of the natural world in this stellar collection of nature poems. From trickling streams to deafening thrunderstorms to soaring mountains, discover majestic photography perfectly paired with contemporary (such as Billy Collins), classics (such as Robert Frost), and never-before-published works.

written by J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt with illustrations by MinaLima - Children's, Fiction, Mythology, Picture

Children's Poets Laureate J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt team up to offer a smart, stealthy tour of the creatures of shadowy myth and fearsome legend --- the enticing, the humorous, and the strange. Bigfoot, the Mongolian Death Worm, and the Loch Ness Monster number among the many creatures lurking within these pages. Readers may have to look twice --- the poems in this book are disguised as street signs, newspaper headlines, graffiti, milk cartons, and more!

written by J. Patrick Lewis and George Ella Lyon - Nonfiction

The powerful poems in this poignant collection weave together multiple voices to tell the story of the March on Washington, DC, in 1963. From the woman singing through a terrifying bus ride to DC, to the teenager who came partly because his father told him, “Don’t you dare go to that march,” to the young child riding above the crowd on her father’s shoulders, each voice brings a unique perspective to this tale. As the characters tell their personal stories of this historic day, their chorus plunges readers into the experience of being at the march—walking shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, hearing Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech, heading home inspired.

Written by J. Patrick Lewis, Illustrated by Jim Burke, R. Gregory Christie, Tonya Engel, John Parra and Meilo So - Children's, Fiction, History, Poetry, Poetry Collection

These poems tell the stories of seventeen brave men and women who were willing to risk it all in achieve civil rights for everyone.