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Ivan Bates


Ivan Bates

Ivan Bates studied illustration at Manchester Polytechnic and has illustrated many books for children, including JUST YOU AND ME by Sam McBratney, DO LIKE A DUCK DOES! by Judy Hindley, and FIVE LITTLE DUCKS. He lives in England.

Books by Ivan Bates

written by Martin Jenkins, illustrated Ivan Bates - Nature, Picture

Elephants are the biggest animals on land, and they live in big families, too. So who can possibly keep them in line? Grandma! After all, she’s been around long enough to know where all the best watering holes are, how to gather the tastiest food, and how to sniff out danger. In lively prose interspersed with fun facts (did you know that an adult elephant eats 1,000 pounds of food a day?), Martin Jenkins spins a striking story about this no-nonsense matriarch and her remarkable brood, while Ivan Bates brings the great beasts to rumbling, tumbling, lumbering life.