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Interview: Patrick Carman, author of Fizzopolis: The Trouble with Fuzzwonker Fizz

Mar 16, 2016

Patrick Carman is the award-winning author of many books for young adults and children. His latest book, FIZZOPOLIS: The Trouble with Fuzzwonker Fizz, introduces the start of a new series set in a wacky town called Fizzopolis, home to the world's greatest soda pop, Fuzzwonker Fizz, and the Fizzies, a group of zany creatures who cause mischief whenever possible.

Interview: Leslie Connor, author of All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook

Feb 18, 2016

Leslie Connor is the author of several award-winning books for children, and her latest, ALL RISE FOR THE HONORABLE PERRY T. COOK, should feel right at home among them. It’s the story of Perry T. Cook, an 11-year-old who was raised by his mom at the Blue River Co-ed Correctional, until a new district attorney forces him into foster care.

Interview: Gene Luen Yang, author of Secret Coders

Jan 4, 2016

We were thrilled to hear that Gene Luen Yang --- award-winning author of graphic novels AMERICAN BORN CHINESE and BOXERS & SAINTS and the new Secret Coders series --- was named the fifth National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. Below, Gene talks about his platform "Reading Without Walls," how his experience teaching has influenced his writing and why he thinks graphic novels --- and reading as a whole --- is so important. 

Interview: Jon Buller and Susan Schade, author of Scarlett: A Star on the Run

Nov 3, 2015

When you have a husband who loves to draw and a wife who loves to write, there’s only one thing for a couple to do --- work together, of course! And that’s exactly what Jon Buller and Susan Schade do --- work as a team to create graphic novels, picture books, early readers, chapter books and more. Their newest graphic novel/traditional novel hybrid, SCARLETT:  A Star on the Run, follows a talking cat and movie star as she runs away from her cruel producer. She meets a dog with a similar tale and is taken in by Mr. Bougnan, but her pursuers are drawing ever closer… yikes!

Read our interview with Jon, below, to learn how he and Susan work together, the inspiration behind their clever tale and their own menagerie of pets.

Interview: Devon Hughes, author of Unnaturals: The Battle Begins

Oct 5, 2015

Do you spend a lot of time with certain people or animals --- maybe your best friend, your younger brother or your pet rats? Well, if you’re anything like Devon Hughes, those companions might affect your future novel --- Devon spent so much time with her dog and Tabby cat that she started to think like them, and before she knew it, she was writing a book about a team of mutant animals!

Below, Devon tells us all about the protagonists of her new series Unnaturals, which begins when a stray dog, Castor, is kidnapped, injected with a serum that makes him grow wings and is forced to fight other “Unnaturals” in a ring --- as well as the most fun scene to write, some hints about the next book in the series and her own favorite creatures. Read the full interview, below, and be sure to crack open the first book, today!