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Heidi Arnhold


Heidi Arnhold

Heidi is an illustrator and comic/sequential artist who trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Her published works have involved such popular franchises as Star Trek, The Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock. She is currently working with writer Jim Pascoe on Cottons, an original graphic novel for First Second. It’s about rabbits.

She lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and her bunny, Jo.

Heidi Arnhold

Books by Heidi Arnhold

by Jim Pascoe and Heidi Arnhold - Adventure, Animals , Children's, Children's 10+, Fantasy

To her neighbors in the Vale of Industry, Bridgebelle is an ordinary rabbit. But Bridgebelle is not ordinary --- she's a rabbit with talents beyond her own understanding. Using cha, the mysterious fuel that powers her world, she can change everyday objects into thokchas --- magical, transforming works of art. Bridgebelle makes thokchas because they're beautiful. But there are those in her world who want to harness her powers and turn her art into a weapon.