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Gordon Korman


Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman is the author of more than 60 books for kids and young adults. His writing career began at the age of 12 when his seventh-grade English assignment became his first published novel.

Now, 33 years later, he is a full-time writer and speaker, with more than sixteen million copies of his novels in print. His books have been translated into French, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Greek and Thai. Each year he travels extensively, visiting schools and libraries, bringing his trademark humor and adventure styles to readers everywhere.

A native of Ontario, Canada, he lives with his family on Long Island, outside New York City.

Gordon Korman

Books by Gordon Korman

by Gordon Korman - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Horror, Writing

When 12-year-old Cooper Vega moves for the third time in five years, he receives a state-of-the-art smartphone to help him stay in touch with old friends. He's had phones before, but this one is buggy and unpredictable. When a boy named Roderick Northrop communicates with him through the phone, Cooper realizes that his phone isn't buggy at all; the thing is haunted!

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Humor, Youth Fiction

The Unteachables are a notorious class of misfits, delinquents and academic train wrecks. The Unteachables have been removed from the student body and isolated in room 117. Their teacher is Mr. Zachary Kermit, the most burned-out teacher in all of Greenwich. He was once a rising star, but his career was shattered by a cheating scandal that still haunts him. After years of phoning it in, he is finally one year away from early retirement. But the superintendent has his own plans to torpedo that idea --- and it involves assigning Mr. Kermit to the Unteachables. Over the course of a school year, though, room 117 will experience mayhem, destruction --- and maybe even a shot at redemption.

by Elissa Brent Weissman, Kwame Alexander, Tom Angleberger, Kathi Appelt, Ashley Bryan, Tim Federle, Candace Fleming, Marla Frazee, Chris Gall, Alex Gino, Chris Grabenstein, Gordon Korman, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Thanhha Lai, Peter Lerangis, Gail Carson Levine, Grace Lin, Yuyi Morales, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, R. J. Palacio, Linda Sue Park, Dan Santat, Brian Selznick, Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Rita Williams-Garcia - Careers, Children's 8-12, Nonfiction
From award-winning author Elissa Brent Weissman comes a collection of quirky, smart, and vulnerable childhood works by some of today’s foremost children’s authors and illustrators ---revealing young talent, the storytellers they would one day become, and the creativity they inspire today. Everyone’s story begins somewhere…
by Gordon Korman - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Chase doesn't remember falling off the roof or hitting his head. He doesn't remember anything. He wakes up in a hospital and suddenly has to learn his whole life all over again...starting with his own name. He knows he's Chase. But who is Chase? When he gets back to school, some kids treat him like a hero. Some kids are clearly afraid of him. Pretty soon, it's not only a question of who Chase is --- it's a question of who he was --- and who he's going to be.

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Youth Fiction

Donovan Curtis has never been what anyone would call “gifted.” But his friend Noah is actually supergifted, with one of the highest IQs around. After years at the Academy for Scholastic Distinction, all Noah dreams of is the opportunity to fail. But when he visits Donovan’s school, he finds himself on the wrong side of cheerleading captain Megan and alpha jock “Hashtag." When a freak incident suddenly makes Donovan a hero, he can’t tell anyone about it since Hashtag is involved. So Noah steps in and becomes “Superkid.” Now he’s gone from nerd to titan at school. And it may have gone more than a little bit to his head.

by Gordon Korman - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Mystery, Science

After a serious betrayal from one of their former friends, the clones of Project Osiris are on the run again. Now separated into pairs, Eli and Tori and Amber and Malik are fighting to survive in the real world. Amber and Malik track down the one person they think can help them prove the existence of Project Osiris, notorious mob boss Gus Alabaster, also known as Malik’s DNA donor. But as Malik gets pulled into the criminal world --- tantalized by hints of a real family --- his actions put him and Amber into greater danger.

by Gordon Korman - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Mystery, Science

The clones of Project Osiris are free --- but they’re being hunted....After their narrow escape from their “perfect” hometown, Eli, Tori, Amber, and Malik are finally in the real world and determined to expose the leaders of Serenity. They decide to track down Tamara Dunleavy, the mysterious billionaire and founder of Project Osiris. Evading capture by breaking laws and sneaking into houses, hotels, buses, and cars --- are they becoming the criminals they were destined to be?

by Gordon Korman - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Humor, Magic

The government has promised to protect Jax Opus and his family from enemies that want to use his hypnotic power to bring more evil into the world. But protection has its price --- and soon Jax learns that if the government is going to help him, it's going to want some help in return. The reach of Jax's hypnotic talents is especially dangerous because he doesn't have to be looking at people directly to control them. Even worse? Jax is not the only person who can do this. He is up against a hypnotic mastermind who has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

by Gordon Korman - Animals , Children's, Children's 8-12, Humor

Cameron Boxer is very happy to spend his life avoiding homework, hanging out with his friends, and gaming for hours in his basement. It's not too hard for him to get away with it . . . until he gets so caught up in one game that he almost lets his house burn down around him. Oops. It's time for some serious damage control --- so Cameron and his friends invent a fake school club that will make it seem like they're doing good deeds instead of slacking off. The problem? Some kids think the club is real --- and Cameron is stuck being president. Soon Cameron is part of a mission to save a beaver named Elvis from certain extinction. Along the way, he makes some new friends --- and some powerful new enemies.

by Gordon Korman - Fiction, Supernatural Fiction

Jax Opus knows he's not like other kids. Jax is different because he can hypnotize people. In fact, he might be the best hypnotist the world has seen in a very long time. However, It's ruining his life. When a master hypnotist and the FBI are after Jax, a very rich, very powerful man asks him to help out with something. The reward will be great. And the price --- well, the price is that Jax starts taking on the man's memories. And some of them are pretty deadly.

by Gordon Korman - Adventure, Children's, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, Youth Fiction

Eli Frieden lives in the most perfect town in the world: Serenity, New Mexico. Honesty and integrity are valued above all. The 30 kids who live there never lie --- they know it's a short leap from that to the problems of other, less fortunate places. Then one day Eli bikes to the edge of the city and something unexpected happens. Eli convinces his friends to help him investigate, and soon it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. The clues mount to reveal a shocking discovery, connecting their community to some of the greatest criminal masterminds ever known. The kids realize they can trust no one --- least of all their own parents.

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Youth Fiction

Tick Tock. Sixteen-year-old Amy Cahill only has few days to live. There’s a poison coursing through her, and her only chance is to collect ingredients for an antidote. Too bad the antidote ingredients are scattered around the world. And too bad that survival is by far Amy’s smallest problem.

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Fiction, Mystery
What would you do with $30,000,000? Right now there's an unclaimed lottery ticket worth that much --- and the money will go to whomever finds it first. Griffin Bing wants to be the winner, but Darren Vader and Victor Phoenix are also in on the hunt. Griffin's going to need help --- from a rowdy Doberman, a strange invention, and a very random set of wheels --- to hit this jackpot and win his friends back.
by Gordon Korman - Fiction

Jackson Opus has always been persuasive, but he doesn't know that he's descended from the two most powerful hypnotist bloodlines on the planet. He's excited to be accepted into a special program at the Sentia Institute --- but when he realizes he's in over his head, Jackson will have to find a way to use his powers to save his friends, his parents and his government.

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Fiction

When Griffin Bing and his friends met Luthor, he was an attack dog for slimy S. Wendell Palomino, aka Swindle. The kids rescued Luthor and thought that was the last they'd see of Swindle, but they were wrong. Swindle has returned and he wants his dog back. Can six kids use three hideouts to protect one very large dog?

by Gordon Korman - Fiction, Humor, Young Adult 10+

The word gifted has never been applied to a kid like Donovan Curtis. But thanks to a mix-up by one of the administrators, instead of getting in trouble after a major prank, Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD), a special program for gifted and talented students. It wasn't exactly what Donovan had intended, but there couldn't be a more perfect hideout for someone like him. That is, if he can manage to fool people whose IQs are above genius level.

by Gordon Korman - Children's, Fiction, Mystery

The Man With The Plan is back for another adventure. Only this time, while his parents are away for six weeks, Griffin has promised that he will behave while staying at Ben’s house. Unfortunately, an unexpected emergency explodes out of control, and Griffin has no choice but to come up with the ultimate plan to save their friend Savannah’s huge, unruly Doberman --- by entering him in a fancy dog show.

by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing's new principal doesn't like him. And Griffin doesn't like the boot camp football atmosphere the new principal has brought. Griffin manages to stay out of trouble --- until a Super Bowl ring disappears from the school's display case, with Griffin's retainer left in its place. Griffin has been framed!

by Gordon Korman - Fiction

Gecko Fosse drove the getaway car. Terence Florian ran with the worst gang in Chicago. Arjay Moran killed someone. All three boys are serving time in juvenile detention centers until they get a second chance. Douglas Healy, a former juvenile delinquent himself, is running an experimental halfway house in New York City, where he wants to make a difference in the lives of kids like Gecko, Terence, and Arjay. Things are going well until one night Healy is knocked unconscious while trying to break up a scuffle among the boys. Terrified of the consequences, they drop him off at a hospital and run away. But if the boys are discovered, their second chance will be their last....