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Gene Barretta


Gene Barretta

Gene Barretta is a self-taught illustrator with a BFA in Film Studies from NYU. Before launching his career as an illustrator, he worked for many years in film and television production. He has written, animated, and scored several films for "Sesame Street" and designed characters for the Jim Henson Company. The pacing and layout of his illustrations reflect a cinematic sensibility inspired by his filmmaking background. His primary goal as an author-illustrator is to make learning enjoyable and revitalizing for kids, and his works often focus on inspiring figures. He loves to explore connections to the past, and the historical origins of modern objects and ideas. Naturally, Gene is his family’s archivist, and has a large collection of movies, toys, and books his brother, one of the Muppets performers, has been involved in. He also collects rare Beatles recordings and outtakes. Gene is the author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed books, Now and Ben, Neo Leo, and Timeless Thomas. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and son.

Gene Barretta

Books by Gene Barretta

by Gene Barretta and Frank Morrison - Children's 4-8, Nonfiction, Sports

In this picture book biography of Muhammad Ali, author Gene Barretta and illustrator Frank Morrison tell the unforgettable childhood story of this legendary boxing champion and how one pivotal moment set him on his path to become the Greatest of All Time.

by Gene Barretta - Biography, Children's 6-10, Education, Reference

President Abraham Lincoln grew up in a one-room log cabin. President John F. Kennedy was raised in the lap of luxury. One was a Republican and one a Democrat. They lived and served a hundred years apart.Yet they had a number of things in common. Some were coincidental: having seven letters in their last names. Some were monumental: Lincoln's support for the abolitionist movement and Kennedy's support for the civil rights movement. They both lost a son while in office. And, of course, both were assassinated.