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Gary Urey


Gary Urey

Gary Urey is the author of SUPER SCHNOZ AND THE GATES OF SMELL, which Kirkus called in its starred review “…a winner, especially for reluctant readers.” Gary is also a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City where he has portrayed everything from a Shakespearean messenger to a mime trapped in a box on the subway. He puts his professional theatre training to good use every time he sits down to write funny stories for kids. Besides being an actor, Gary spent several years in the city as a theatre reviewer and script reader. He now lives and writes in Portland, Maine with his wife and two daughters, and has just finished the next installment of the Super Schnoz saga --- SUPER SCHNOZ AND THE SNORE SNATCHERS.

Gary Urey

Books by Gary Urey

by Gary Urey - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Science Fiction

After destroying the permanent X-Point and thwarting the Doctor’s plans for world domination, Daisha and Axel have a new problem: without a permanent X-Point, Earth’s magnetic poles are flipping, causing massive climactic changes around the world. Now they must find a way to expose a new X-Point to stabilize Earth’s magnetic field, all while evading a doomsday cult that would have the world end. Can Axel and Daisha figure out how to find each other and save the world?

by Gary Urey - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction

Axel Jack and Daisha Tandala are two 13-year-old friends running from a billionaire madman who killed their scientist parents and now wants what the kids have --- a GeoPort (Geographical Transportation System). The GeoPort, invented by their parents, has the ability to transport a person to any place on Earth within seconds. But when the teens are separated by their pursuers, they must make a life or death attempt to find each other and get the GeoPort to a mysterious Indian Temple where the chase becomes more than just a high-tech game of hide-and-seek, but a war for control of everything --- money, culture, politics and power.