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Garth Nix


Garth Nix

Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia. A full-time writer since 2001, he has worked as a literary agent, marketing consultant, book editor, book publicist, book sales representative, bookseller, and as a part-time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve.

Garth's books include the award-winning fantasy novels SABRIEL, LIRAEL and ABHORSEN, and the science-fiction adventure A CONFUSION OF PRINCES. His fantasy novels for younger readers include THE RAGWITCH, the six books of The Seventh Tower sequence, The Keys to the Kingdom series, and Troubletwisters, co-written with Sean Williams.

More than five million copies of his books have been sold around the world; his books have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, the Guardian, and the Australian; and his work has been translated into 39 languages. He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two children.

Garth Nix

Books by Garth Nix

by Garth Nix and Sean Williams - Adventure, Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor

Odo and Eleanor are excited to be knights. Only...nobody's asking them to go on a quest. So they're stuck at home, using their trusty and talkative swords to defend their village when there's cause for defense. But mostly it's just...waiting for something bigger to come along. That "something bigger" comes to them in the form of an old man named Edga, a warrior named Hundred, and an ancient chant:
Dragon, dragon, heed our call...Come to aid us, one and all. Odo, Eleanor, and their swords, Biter and Runnel, are plunged into a quest that will take them (as all good quests must) to unfamiliar lands.

by Garth Nix and Sean Williams - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor
It is strange enough that Odo and Eleanor have stumbled upon a sword in a dried-up river outside their village. It is even stranger that Odo is able to remove it from where it's buried. And it's REMARKABLY strange when the sword starts to talk. Odo and Eleanor have unearthed Biter, a famous fighter from earlier times. By finding Biter, Odo instantly becomes a knight -- a role he is exquisitely unsuited for. Eleanor, however, would make a PERFECT knight --- but she's not the one with the sword. 
by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Seven days. Seven keys. Seven virtues. Seven sins. One mysterious house is the doorway to a very mysterious world --- where one boy is about to venture and unlock a number of fantastical secrets.

by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Following their adventures in the Border Sea, Arthur and Leaf head for home. But only Leaf gets through the Front Door. Arthur is blocked because someone...or something...has assumed his identity and is taking over his life. Before Arthur can take action, he is drafted by Sir Thursday and forced to join the Glorious Army of the Architect. While Leaf tries to banish Arthur's doppelganger on earth, Arthur must survive his basic training, avoid getting posted to the Front and work out how he can free Part Four of the Will....

by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Everyone in Emma's family is special. Her ancestors include Revolutionary War spies, brilliant scientists and famous musicians --- every single one of which learned of their extraordinary destiny through a dream. For Emma, her own dream can't come soon enough. Right before her mother died, Emma promised that she'd do whatever it took to fulfill her destiny, and she doesn't want to let her mother down. But when Emma's dream finally arrives, it points her toward an impossible task --- generations of extraordinary ancestors . . . including her own mother. But how can she find something that's been missing for centuries and might be protected by a mysterious singing ghost?

by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

The secret of his own identity. The identity of The Architect. The complete Will of the House. The fulfillment of his fate. Arthur Penhaligon is getting closer and closer to these things...but not without risks, conflict and adventure.

by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Everyone is after Arthur Penhaligon. Strange pirates. Shadowy creatures. And Drowned Wednesday, whose gluttony threatens both her world and Arthur's. With his unlimited imagination and thrilling storytelling, Garth Nix has created a character and a world that become even more compelling with each book. As Arthur gets closer to the heart of his quest, the suspense and mystery grow more and more intense....

by Garth Nix - Adventure, Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Four of the seven Trustees have been defeated and their Keys taken, but for Arthur, the week is still getting worse. Suzy Blue and Fred Gold Numbers have been captured by the Piper, and his New Nithling army still controls most of the Great Maze. Superior Saturday is causing trouble wherever she can, including turning off all the elevators in the House and blocking the Front Door. Amidst all this trouble, Arthur must weigh an offer from Lady Friday that is either a cunning trap for the Rightful Heir or a golden opportunity he must seize --- before he's beaten to it!

by Garth Nix - Children's, Children's 7-10, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Arthur doesn't think he will ever have to return to the strange house that nearly killed him on Monday --- the house that contains an entire world. But Tuesday brings new challenges --- in the form of an enemy named Grim Tuesday, who threatens the well-being of both Arthur's family and his world. Arthur must retrieve the Second Key from Grim Tuesday in order to save everything --- an adventure that will include stealing a Sunship, surviving a very weird work camp, befriending a bearlike spirit, fighting the voidlike Nithlings and traveling to the scary Far Reaches for the ultimate showdown.

by Garth Nix and Sean Williams - Children's, Fantasy

Erdas is a land of balance. A rare link, the spirit animal bond, bridges the human and animal worlds. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each have this gift-and the grave responsibility that comes with it. But the Conquerors are trying to destroy this balance. They're swallowing whole cities in their rush for power-including Meilin's home. Fed up with waiting and ready to fight, Meilin has set off into enemy territory with her spirit animal, a panda named Jhi. Her friends aren't far behind . . . but they're not the only ones. The enemy is everywhere.

by Garth Nix and Sean Williams - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

Twins Jack and Jaide Shield have used their supernatural powers to defeat The Evil before, but a remnant remains and threatens to wreak havoc once again. As their powers fail them in crucial moments, will they be able to fight once again, or will the monster take control?

written by Garth Nix, illustrated by Sean Williams - Fantasy

Twin siblings Jack and Jaide discover they are pivotal to a secret supernatural organisation that protects the earth from marauding Evil! It soon becomes apparent that the strange things going on around them are anything BUT ordinary. It's all very well discovering that you suddenly have magical powers, but when you don't know exactly what they are, or how to use them, then facing impending peril doesn't seem like a very good idea at all...