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Frank Cottrell Boyce


Frank Cottrell Boyce

Frank Cottrell Boyce is a writer of books for young readers, most notably MILLIONS, winner of the Carnegie Medal, COSMIC, which garnered six star reviews, and THE UNFORGOTTEN COAT. He lives in England.  

Books by Frank Cottrell Boyce

by Frank Cottrell Boyce - Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Science Fiction
Prez knows that the best way to keep track of things is to make a list. And it's even more important when your grandfather can't care for you anymore and you have to go live with a foster family out in the country. Prez is still learning to fit in at his new home when he answers the door to meet Sputnik --- a kid who is more than a little strange. Thus begins one of the most fun and eventful summers of Prez's life, as he and Sputnik set out on a journey to compile the most important list Prez has ever made --- and discover just what makes our world so remarkable.
by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Rory Rooney likes to be prepared for anything. But Rory isn’t prepared when he suddenly and inexplicably turns green and finds himself stuck in an experimental hospital ward. The doctors are just as baffled as Rory is, and that’s when he begins to wonder: What if this isn’t caused by his genes, or a virus, or something he ate? What if it’s something even more extraordinary? 

written by Frank Cottrell Boyce, illustrated by Joe Berger - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Youth Fiction

The Tootings are stuck in 1966! Somebody’s stolen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and left them behind. But that’s not their biggest problem. Their biggest problem is that Little Harry’s been kidnapped by whoever stole their magical car. There’s only one solution: the Tootings must find the Potts — the family that originally built Chitty. Sharing their combined knowledge of how Chitty works, the families may stand a chance of rescuing Little Harry and finding the most brilliant car in the world. But a fiendish criminal has different plans, ones that involve flying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the moon and putting an explosive scheme into action.

by Frank Cottrell Boyce - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fantasy, Fiction

When the Tootings return to Zobrowski Terrace at the end of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again, they find that "home" is looking a lot like Jurassic Park. But this is no theme park — a very real and very hungry T. rex is charging them! Thanks to Dad’s inadvertent yanking of Chitty’s "Chronojuster" lever, the spirited car has ushered them back to prehistoric times, where the family (and especially Baby Harry) make a narrow escape. But Chitty has a mind of her own, and the Tootings will get an unexpected tour of exciting times and places from Prohibition-era New York (where Chitty wants to compete in the famous Prix d’Esmerelda’s Birthday Cake race) to the lost city of El Dorado and back again, with misadventures and surprise stowaways along the way.

by Frank Cottrell Boyce - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Humor

When the Tooting family finds an old engine and fits it to their camper van, they have no idea what kind of adventure lies ahead. The engine used to belong to an extraordinary car...and it wants its bodywork back! But as the Tootings hurtle across the world rebuilding the original Chitty, a sinister baddie is on their trail --- one who will stop at nothing to get the magnificent car for himself.

by Frank Cottrell Boyce

Frank Cottrell Boyce, whose debut work of fiction, MILLIONS, was adapted into a popular family film, returns with a warm-hearted second novel about finding beauty --- and even art --- in the most unexpected places.