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Fiona Woodcock


Fiona Woodcock

Fiona Woodcock is a full-time illustrator who works on animated films, commercials and stationery. She is the author and illustrator of HIDING HEIDI (Simon & Schuster UK) and she lives in London.

Fiona Woodcock

Books by Fiona Woodcock

by Fiona Woodcock - Children's 4-8, Friendship

Heidi’s friends know how much she loves hiding, so they always let her play and win. But Heidi learns the importance of sharing the limelight with other people when being too good at hiding makes her miss all the other fun her friends are having --- and how much more fun it can be when you appreciate what your friends are good at too! 

Written by Corrinne Averiss with illustrations by Fiona Woodcock. - Animals , Children's 3-7, Fiction

As Miki the polar bear romps in the snow, he spots a bright red dot far off in the distance. It turns out to be...a little girl with a twinkly face and gurgling laugh! Now Miki has someone to play with. Together the brand-new friends toss snowballs, have icy adventures and eventually find their way home to snuggle with their mothers.