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Ethen Beavers


Ethen Beavers

Artist Ethen Beavers has worked on comics editions of the Justice League, Indiana Jones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Star Wars. He also illustrates the popular bestselling NERDS series. He lives in Modesto, California.

Ethen Beavers

Books by Ethen Beavers

Written by Michael Dahl with illustrations by Ethen Beavers - Children's 4-7, Fiction, Picture

When a dark night comes to the big city, one little super hero prepares for a great adventure...bedtime! He dons his pajama uniform, speeds upstairs, cleans up the nightly grime and keeps watch from his towering bunk bed.

Written by John Sazaklis with Illustrations by Ethen Beavers - Adventure, Science Fiction, Superhero , Youth Fiction

Clayface has returned to Gotham City, and he's looking for revenge! Can the Caped Crusader tell the difference between the imposter and his real friends and enemies? Can Batman and Robin stop Clayface or will they need some help from their friends? Will the Dynamic Duo be able to defeat the shape-shifting villain or will Clayface finally get his revenge?

Written by John Sazaklis and Illustrated by Ethen Beavers - Adventure, Comic Books, Crime, Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero

Ra's Al Ghul plans to unleash an undead army and cleanse humanity from the earth! Can Batman follow the clues to track down the super-villain in time to stop his evil plans? Will the Dark Knight be outnumbered, or will he be able to even the odds? Can he use his high-tech gadgets or will he need to rely on his wits to stop Ra's and save the world?

by Kurtis Scaletta and Ethen Beavers - Children's, Sports

Diego Prado has spent most of his time on the Pines’ bench. But when Danny O’Brien goes on the disabled list, Diego gets a chance to play --- and he’s on a winning streak! Danny wants one of Chad’s “magic” baseball cards to get back in the game. Diego wants to keep playing. What’s a batboy to do?

by Kurtis Scaletta and Ethen Beavers - Children's, Sports

Umpire Solomon Johnson is squeezing the strike zone and throws out both the Pine City Porcupines starting pitcher and manager "Grumps" Humphrey for arguing the call. Chad tries to make peace by giving Solomon a rarely issued "umpire card" --- but the ump blows his top. He thinks Chad is making fun of his weight. It's going to be a long nine innings!