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Eric Elfman


Eric Elfman

Eric Elfman is a screenwriter, a professional writing coach, and the author of several books for children and young adults, including THE VERY SCARY ALMANAC and THE ALMANAC OF THE GROSS, DISGUSTING, & TOTALLY REPULSIVE; three X-Files novels; and two books of scary short stories, THREE-MINUTE THRILLERS and MORE THREE-MINUTE THRILLERS. He has sold screenplays to Interscope, Walden Media, Revolution, and Universal Studios. He lives in Brandywine Canyon, California with his wife and son. 

Eric Elfman

Books by Eric Elfman

by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman - Adventure, Children's 10-14, Mystery, Nature, Science

Nick Slate, in order to protect his father and little brother, reluctantly must help the Accelerati complete Tesla's great device. Their power-mad leader wants nothing less than to control the world's energy --- but there are still three missing objects to track down. Nick's friends can't help him, as they are spread across the globe grappling with their own mysteries. On his own, Nick must locate Tesla's final inventions --- which are the most powerful of all, capable of shattering time and collapsing space.

by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman - Children's, Fiction, Science Fiction
After their home burns down, fourteen-year-old Nick and his family move into a Victorian house. After selling the odd antiques, Nick discovers that all the objects have extraordinary properties --- they were Nikola Tesla's, and Nick must retrieve everything. But the task is fraught with peril --- a secret society of physicists, the Accelerati, is determined to stop Nick and alter destiny to achieve its own devious ends.