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Doreen Cronin


Doreen Cronin

From Doreen's Website:

I grew up Merrick, New York, with my parents, two brothers and a sister. We lived in a red house with a big backyard in a neighborhood full of kids. My dad was a police officer and he was very, very funny. I decided that I wanted to be a police officer or an FBI agent when I grew up. When I actually did grow up, I realized those were dangerous. I changed my mind. It was my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Cooper, who first told me that I was a writer. She may have told all the students that -- I have no idea! But the moment she told me I was a writer --I became one. Mrs. Cooper gave me extra writing assignments to encourage me. It was extra homework, but I loved it. I also loved our library and spent most of my free time there. I graduated from Penn State in 1988 and St. John’s University School of Law in 1998. I practiced law in downtown Manhattan for a few years. It was during that time that CLICK CLACK MOO: Cows that Type was published. I left my job as an attorney and have been writing ever since. Thank you Mrs. Cooper!

Doreen Cronin

Books by Doreen Cronin

by Doreen Cronin and Debra Sfetsios-Conover - Children's, Children's 9-13, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Riding the Cyclone, the world famous Coney Island rollercoaster, was supposed to be the highlight of Nora’s summer. But right after they disembark, Nora’s cousin Riley falls to the ground…and doesn’t get up. Nora had begged and dragged Riley onto the ride, and no matter what the doctors say, Nora knows it was her fault. Then, as Riley comes out of her coma, she’s not really Riley at all. No, she’s only 10% Riley. Nora, thinks she knows how to help. How to get 100% Riley back. But what Nora doesn’t realize is that the guilt will only get worse as that percentage rises.

Written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin - Children's 4-8, Picture

Everyone wants to look their best for the party. But Little Duck has never had a birthday before --- so how better to learn how to prepare than to do what all the other animals do! The sheep trim their wool --- so Little Duck trims her feathers. The pigs need a mud bath --- so Little Duck quish and quashes, too. All over the barnyard Little Duck snips, slurps, squishes, and shimmy shakes herself ready until...WHOOPS! It’s party picture time --- and Little Duck is a big mess. No matter --- it’s not something Farmer Brown’s frosted maple cake can’t fix!

Written by Doreen Cronin with illustrations by David Small - Children's 4-8, Fairy Tale, Nature
Bloom and her mud fairy magic might be able to turn weeds into flowers and spin sand into glass, but the people of the kingdom ceaselessly complain about the trails of dirt and puddles of mud that seem to follow her every step, and finally they cast her out. But when the glass castle begins to crack, the King and Queen in a panic search for the long-banished fairy, but they can’t find Bloom anywhere. Desperate to save their home, they send their meekest, most ordinary subject, a girl named Genevieve, to coax any worthy fairy to come and save the kingdom. Genevieve finds Bloom exactly where the king and queen failed to see her, and Bloom knows exactly how to save the kingdom. But it will take the two girls working together, along with a mighty dollop of self-confidence --- and some very messy hands --- to accomplish the extraordinary.
written by Doreen Cronin , illustrated by Betsy Lewin - Children's 4-6, Children's 5-8, Holiday
Farmer Brown is busy decorating his home in preparation for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve! All seems calm in the barnyard, but Farmer Brown isn’t the only one who is getting ready... Ho, Ho, OH NO! Once again, Duck has gotten the whole barnyard stuck in quite a predicament! Will anyone be able to un-stuck Duck and save Christmas?
Written by Doreen Cronin with illustrations by Renata Liwska - Children's, Picture
The perfect spot is this way! says Boom. The perfect spot is that way!” tweets Twitty. Snot is smartly silent. How will these three friends decide which way to go to find the perfect spot?
by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin - Picture

There’s more trouble on the farm, but Duck has nothing to do with it, for once. This time the trouble is a four-ounce puff of fluff who just won’t go to sleep, and whose play-with-me “peeps” are keeping the whole barnyard awake with him.

written by Doreen Cronin with illustrations by Renata Liwska - Children's
Boom! Snot… Twitty? Three unlikely friends, and three different ways of being in the world. This simplest of stories is a fable for life.
written by Doreen Cronin , illustrated by Kevin Cornell - Youth Fiction

Meet the Chicken Squad: Dirt, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie. These chicks are not your typical barnyard puffs of fluff, and they are not about to spend their days pecking chicken feed and chasing bugs. No sir, they’re too busy solving mysteries and fighting crime.

So when Squirrel comes barreling into the chicken coop, the chicks know they’re about to get a case. But with his poor knowledge of shapes (“Big” is not a shape, Squirrel!) and utter fear of whatever it is that’s out there, the panicky Squirrel is NO HELP. Good thing these chicks are professionals.

But even professionals get worried. Especially once they see that round, shiny, green, BIG thing in the yard. What if it’s a UFO full of aliens who want chickens as pets? It’s up to the Chicken Squad to crack a case that just might be out of this world.

by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Farmer Brown does not like Halloween. So he draws the shades, puts on his footy pajamas, and climbs into bed. But do you think the barnyard animals have any respect for a man in footy pajamas? No, they do not. For them, the Halloween party has just begun. And we all know these critters far prefer tricks over treats. There are big surprises in store for Farmer Brown!