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Donald Robertson


Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson is the creative director at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, was a founder of MAC Cosmetics, and has worked at Conde Nast. His fashion illustrations have over 135,000 followers on Instagram (under “Donald Drawbertson”). After creating Mitford the giraffe on a whim, the bespectacled character quickly gained a following on Instagram. And J. Crew put Mitford on a series of t-shirts this year, which quickly sold out and they’ve gone back for more. Donald is outgoing and knows pretty much everyone in the fashion industry. He’s planning to promote MITFORD AT THE FASHION ZOO at next fall’s Fashion Week.

Books by Donald Robertson

by Donald Robertson - Animals , Children's 3-7

Mitford is a giraffe. But not your everyday, live-on-the-savanna giraffe. Mitford works at Cover magazine, in one of the biggest cities in the world! But now another city needs Mitford, and soon the chic giraffe is surrounded by palm trees and super-famous celebrities! It would be great to sunbathe by the pool, but it's the day of the Acadamy Zoowards and these movie stars must have the most fabulous dress or tux ever.

by Donald Robertson - Children's, Picture
Mitford is a giraffe. But not your everyday, live-on-the-savannah giraffe. Mitford lives in the city. But not your everyday, filled-with-people city. This city is filled with animals. Animals who like to dress up, especially the animals who work at COVER magazine. Mitford would do ANYTHING to work there. But first Mitford must prove himself. Can Mitford survive the Fashion Zoo?!