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Denise Fleming


Denise Fleming

Hi. My name is Denise Fleming. I love to write and draw children's books. I'm also very fond of cats!

Denise Fleming has published numerous picture books, including Time to Sleep and the Caldecott Honor Book In the Small Pond. Ms. Fleming creates the illustrations for her books by pouring colored cotton pulp through hand-cut stencils. The result--images set in hand-made paper.

Ms. Fleming lives in Toledo, Ohio, with Gigi (Mama Cat) and Samson (Papa Cat); their kittens, Hissy, Sparky, Callie, and Mr. Darcy; Isabelle (who was there before all the others); and one dog, Warfy, who deserves a special mention because she has to live with seven cats. Ms. Fleming also has a husband and daughter.

Fun Facts About Me

My Favorite Hobbies:
I enjoy designing and planting gardens for wildlife.
My husband, David, and I love to build, rooms, hideaways. I'm quite fond of power tools..rrrrrrrmmmmmm.

My Favorite Summer Foods
S'mores, corn on the cob, and tomatoes with basil.....all washed down with homemade daughter,Indigo, makes wonderful lemonade!!

My Favorite Exercise
Swinging in a don't need any special shoes ....actually no shoes are required.

My Pets
Of course, I'm VERY fond of my seven cats and my little old dog, Warfy, who is 16 and a bit cranky in her old age.

Denise Fleming

Books by Denise Fleming

by Denise Fleming - Animals , Children's 4-8

Featuring a flock of oh-so-adorable fuzzy ducklings, this delightfully fresh take on the classic Five Little Ducks nursery rhyme emphasizes numbers and the days of the week --- and these lucky ducklings are doted on by a loving Papa Duck as well as the traditional Mama. 

by Denise Fleming - Picture

Come along on a creative adventure with a gang of saucy shapes—and a mischievous mouse who wants to play too. Meet circles, rectangles, ovals, arcs, and a triangle and a square as well. Wait till you see what this crowd can make when they’re all working together!