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David Soman


David Soman

David Soman and Jacky Davis are the husband and wife creators of the Ladybug Girl books. They live in Rosendale, NY with their two children- who are the everyday inspiration for stories. David and Jacky both like books, rocks, pie and good friends.

David Soman

Books by David Soman

by David Soman - Children's 3-5, Picture

In a big field, a boy has a tree house, and one day, he has a neighbor --- a monster with a talent for silly dances and funny faces. The two become fast friends, even setting up a pulley line to pass notes between their tree houses. The boy knows just how to celebrate this invention --- with music! But the monster's tuba music is loud. Really loud. WAY. TOO. LOUD. Before the boy can think, he hurls a water balloon at his neighbor to get him to stop. An epic water-balloon fight ensues, until the boy --- fed up, spent, done --- cuts the pulley line. No more note-passing. No more monster. Can the boy and monster ever be friends again? Does the boy even want to? Maybe he just needs to see things from a new, unexpected perspective.

by David Soman

Three bear siblings break their mother’s favorite blue seashell, and rather than tell her, they decide to set out in their sailboat to find her a new one. On their quest they encounter salty sailors, strange new islands, huge whales, and vast seas but no blue seashells. When a treacherous storm suddenly blows in, the three bears find themselves tossed about in their little boat, far from Mama. What will become of their search, and what will it take to bring them safely home?

by Jacky Davis and David Soman - Christian Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

Lulu and her dog Bingo wake up to a snow-covered yard and decide to have the best day ever. But when Lulu tries to make a snowball, snow falls down the back of her neck. Then Lulu remembers that she is Ladybug Girl! With another look at the snow, she sees the yard in a new light. She and Bingo are now ready to use their imaginations to create their own snow adventure.