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David McPhail


David McPhail

David McPhail

Books by David McPhail

by David McPhail - Animals , Children's 4-7, Fiction, Picture

The family cat destroys everything in his path, and the two girls who love him worry that he may be sick or blind in this story of unconditional pet love. Crash destroys Kait's drum set, Krissie's doll, Mom's cake and Dad's paint job. The family takes Crash to the vet who says the cat is fine, but Crash topples the laundry as soon as he's back home. One night while the girls are in bed, they hear the biggest CRASH of all. That night, Crash is a hero!

by David McPhail - Children's, Children's 4-6, Children's 5-8, Fiction, Picture

All her life, Beatrix Potter loved to paint. From a young age, she painted the bunnies, mice, and other pets who populated her family home. These characters later populated her stories, which are beloved the whole world over.

by David McPhail - Children's, Juvenile Fiction

Enter the beloved world of Mother Goose with the whimsical illustrations of David McPhail. Here classic rhymes come to life with energy, humor, and the sweetest charm. MY MOTHER GOOSE also includes concepts like opposites, colors and early vocabulary. Give children a gift they will treasure for years to come.

written by Kate McMullan, illustrated by David McPhail