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Dan Richards


Dan Richards

Dan has been writing poetry, songs and stories for as long as he can remember. He is a graduate of the University of Washington Writing For Children Program where he wrote his debut picture book THE PROBLEM WITH NOT BEING SCARED OF MONSTERS. Dan lives with his wife Kelly, children Anna and Paul, and golden doodle Freddy in Bothell, WA.

Books by Dan Richards

by Dan Richards - Children's, Children's 8-12, Coming of Age, Fiction, Humor

When Stuart Cornelius Truly first sets eyes on the new girl, Becca, he staples his finger to his seventh-grade history assignment. The second time he sees her, he coughs up a bite of her lunch --- a vegetarian roasted pepper sandwich --- all over her sweater, and promptly lies, claiming that he, too, is a vegetarian. Their third encounter goes more smoothly, but it turns out that Stu's lie is hard to keep, since his family owns a butcher shop. Can Stu learn to successfully navigate old friends, new crushes and horror-filled school dances, or will his lie to impress his crush cause his world to fall apart?

Written by Dan Richards with illustrations by Jeff Newman - Animals , Children's 4-8, Fiction, Humor

Evan asks a simple question, “Can one balloon make an elephant fly?” At first, his mother is too busy to answer. But when she takes the time to play the game with her son...magic happens.

by Dan Richards and Robert Neubecker - Picture

Who knew there was a problem with not being scared of monsters? The hero of this story knows it --- all too well. Because he’s not scared, the monsters think he’s one of them. And now, they’re way too friendly. They want to share everything! Which is, of course, a disaster. Good thing there’s a terrified little brother to come to the rescue. With an understated text and hilarious illustrations, this picture book will have kids laughing away their fears.