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Clementine Beauvais


Clementine Beauvais

Clementine Beauvais is a researcher in Education at Cambridge. She also writes children's books.

Clementine Beauvais

Books by Clementine Beauvais

by Clementine Beauvais and Sarah Horne - Children's 8-12

Sophie Margaret Catriona Seade aka Sesame has a penchant for roller skating, sophisticated terminology, and sleuthing. What this sassy brainiac needs is a mystery to solve and that's just what she gets when Cambridge University student and aspiring journalist Jenna Jenkins goes missing. With the help of her friends Gemma and Toby, and a strange-looking duck, Sesame has a good chance of cracking the case—as long as she can avoid her meddling mum and dad; her unfortunate teacher, Mr. Halitosis; and scariest of all, the perpetrators of a very serious crime!

written by Clementine Beauvais with illustrations by Sarah Horne - Children's, Friendship, Mystery

Where have all the gargoyles gone? Supersleuth Sesame Seade is on her second case the minute she learns that several of the monstrous stony sentinels on the Cambridge University rooftops have gone missing. But as she courageously tracks down clues --- some of which lead her to dizzying heights --- and starts piecing them together, she realizes that gargoyles gone AWOL isn't the only mystery afoot in town.

written by Clementine Beauvais with illustrations by Sarah Horne - Children's, Mystery

Sesame Seade is suspicious. There's something fishy going on by the river: a case for a number one supersleuth! Sesame's parents insist that there are no pirates in Cambridge, but she's determined to prove them wrong ...Illustrated throughout with hilarious artwork by Sarah Horne, this series features a smart and sassy heroine with a unique take on life.