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Claudia Rueda


Claudia Rueda

Claudia Rueda is a Colombian picture book author and illustrator. She is the illustrator of The New York Times Best Seller Here Comes The Easter Cat and the author of the Oppenheim Platinum Award My Little Polar Bear among others. Her picture books have been published throughout North America, Europe and Asia and have been translated into more than ten different languages.

Claudia Rueda

Books by Claudia Rueda

Written by Deborah Underwood with illustrations by Claudia Rueda - Animals , Children's 3-5, Fiction, Humor

Cat is not pleased to be tapped as substitute teacher. Not only is it cutting into his naptime, but a roomful of kittens is a little, well, scary. At school, he’s faced with six adorable kittens and follows the lesson plan of music, building, and painting --- only in pure, mischief-making Cat style. By the end, Cat has learned a thing or two about inspiring others by being himself. But even more heart-melting and humorous is what the kittens have learned from Cat.

by Claudia Rueda - Children's 2-4, Picture

Time to tackle the bunny slope! Shake to help Bunny make it snow, tilt to help Bunny ski down the slope, and turn to help Bunny escape a cliff in his path. Is there any obstacle Bunny can't conquer?