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Christopher Baldwin


Christopher Baldwin

Christopher was born in Greenfield, Ma, and started drawing comic strips around age 5, comic books around age 12.

He currently writes and draws the comic strip "Spacetrawler" at, and previously wrote and drew the daily comic "Little Dee" for 6 years at and the daily comic "Bruno" for 11 years at

He's also a regular contributor to MAD Magazine and illustrates educational children's books and newspaper serials. He's been written up in the Washington Post, Wired Magazine, IO9, Salon Magazine, UK Daily Telegraph, Newsbytes, and even appeared on NPR. His graphic novel, LITTLE DEE (based on his online comic), is forthcoming from Dial Books for Young Readers.

Christopher Baldwin

Books by Christopher Baldwin

by Christopher Baldwin - Children's 8-12, Comic Books, Friendship, Graphic Novel, Humor

When Little Dee meets a motley crew of animals deep in the forest, she knows she’s found the perfect set of new friends. Between the bossy vulture, the slightly dim dog, the nurturing bear, and the happy-go-lucky penguin, this mismatched group of big personalities doesn’t always get along --- but they’re a family. And they’re on the run. A pair of hungry polar bears are after the penguin, and the rest of the team are determined to protect her.