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Chris Eastland


Chris Eastland

Chris Eastland is a classically trained artist and photographer who studied and taught at the Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Chris was formerly the Photography Editor for Quest Magazine.

Chris Eastland

Books by Chris Eastland

by Andrew Clements and Chris Eastland - Fiction

Attention, animal lovers! It’s time to count along with a whole new crew of adorable zoo babies. Featuring irresistible animal photos, bouncy text and a fact-filled glossary, this just might be the cutest counting book ever to hit the shelves!

by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland - Nature, Nonfiction

ZOOBORNS THE NEXT GENERATION may be the most adorable baby animal book ever created! Featuring full-color photos and fascinating facts on exotic baby animals from every corner of the globe, this collection is irresistible to any animal lover.