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Chris d'Lacey


Chris d'Lacey

Chris d’Lacey is the author of several highly acclaimed books for children and young adults, including the other titles in the Last Dragon Chronicles: THE FIRE WITHIN, ICEFIRE, FIRE STAR and THE FIRE ETERNAL. He is also the author of the early chapter book series The Dragons of Wayward Crescent. Visit to learn more about Chris d’Lacey’s books.

Chris d'Lacey

Books by Chris d'Lacey

by Chris d'Lacey - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Everything has been forever changed by the meeting of dragons and humans. Ren, the human boy, now has unprecedented powers. His abilities scare even the Wearle's most formidable dragons. Yet the dragons fear the rise of the dark dragon Graven even more, and rumors run rampant that the dragons who came first may have known more than anyone realized. As the implications of the dragons' colonization expand, new creatures are drawn into the conflict and Gabrial and Grendel will travel beyond the ends of the Erth to save their two young wearlings.

by Chris d'Lacey - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction

The dragon Wearle is in turmoil: A human boy named Ren has bonded with a pair of baby dragons, and their connection has given him shocking and extraordinary new powers. Though some of the dragons suspect he is plotting against the Wearle, his dragon allies will do anything to save him. Meanwhile, after the devastating war with the dragons, the humans, or Kaal, have accepted the leadership of a mysterious stranger. Though the dragons and the Kaal are dead set against each other, both will face down an ancient power stronger than any of them can imagine.

by Chris d'Lacey - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Magic
A Wearle of dragons set out on an expedition from their home planet and was never heard from again. Now, a new Wearle, determined to find the first, has come to the place its creatures call Erth. Gabrial, who still has the blue scales of a young dragon, is eager to prove himself, and to find his missing father. But when Gabrial causes an accident that results in a baby dragon going missing, he'll have to prove himself worthy of remaining with the Wearle at all.