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Charles Santoso


Charles Santoso

Charles Santoso (Chao) loves drawing little things in his little journal and dreaming about funny, wondrous stories. He gathers inspiration from his childhood memories and curiosities he discovers in his everyday travels.

He has illustrated several picture books, including the upcoming I DON'T LIKE KOALA - written by Sean Ferrell (due out in April 2015) and SPY GUY: THE NOT-SO-SECRET AGENT - written by Jessica Young (due out in May 2015).

During the day he works at an animation studio as a concept artist/art director and has been involved in various animated feature film and tv commercial projects.

Charles Santoso's work has been exhibited in Sydney and also internationally in North America and France. He currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Charles Santoso

Books by Charles Santoso

Written by Elana K. Arnold with illustrations by Charles Santoso - Animals , Children's 6-10, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship
For Bixby Alexander Tam (nicknamed Bat), life tends to be full of surprises --- some of them good, some not so good. Bat’s mom, a veterinarian, has brought home a baby skunk, which she needs to take care of until she can hand him over to a wild-animal shelter. But the minute Bat meets the kit, he knows they belong together. And he’s got one month to show his mom that a baby skunk might just make a pretty terrific pet.
Written by Caron Levis with illustrations by Charles Santoso - Animals , Children's 4-8, Friendship
Gus lives in a big park in the middle of an even bigger city, and he spends his days with Ida. Ida is right there. Always. Then one sad day, Gus learns that Ida is very sick, and she isn’t going to get better. The friends help each other face the difficult news with whispers, sniffles, cuddles and even laughs. Slowly Gus realizes that even after Ida is gone, she will still be with him --- through the sounds of their city and the memories that live in their favorite spots. IDA, ALWAYS is an exquisitely told story of two best friends --- inspired by a real bear friendship --- and a gentle, moving, needed reminder that loved ones lost will stay in our hearts, always.
by Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso - Family, Fiction

Adam does not like Koala, the stuffed animal. Koala is a little creepy. Adam tries explaining this to his parents. He tries putting Koala away --- far away. He tries taking Koala on a long, long walk. Nothing works. This darkly funny debut picture book from Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso celebrates imagination and bravery while addressing a universal childhood dilemma: what to do about that one stuffed animal who just won’t stop staring at you.