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Catherine Stock


Catherine Stock

As a child, award-winning author/illustrator Catherine Stock experienced many different cultures first hand: born in Sweden, she lived with her family in France, England, South Africa, Hong Kong and the United States.

Known since 1978 for creating amazing water color and pastel illustrations for the works of a roster of highly acclaimed authors, Catherine has also authored and illustrated a number of her own award-winning picture books, including A SPREE IN PAREE and GUGA'S HOUSE. Her books introduce children to the diversity and vastness of the world by taking them on journeys to places like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Greece, France, China, Mexico and more.

She currently lives in the village of Rignac, in the historic Dordogne Valley, in the South of France.

Catherine Stock

Books by Catherine Stock

written by Allegra Kent with illustrations by Catherine Stock - Careers, Children's, Education, Performing Arts

Iris has a busy day before taking the stage in her ballet. She wakes up early and heads to the theater, where she has classes, costume fittings and rehearsals. With a break for lunch and an unexpected change in partners, soon enough it s almost show time. At half an hour to curtain Iris gets her shoes ready and does a few chainés. The musicians tune their instruments as the stage manager calls for places. At 8:00 the curtain rises... and the dancing begins!