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Carl Bowen


Carl Bowen

Carl Bowen

Books by Carl Bowen

Written by Carl Bowen, Michael Dahl and Louise Simonson with illustration by Eduardo Garcia, Tod Smith and Rex Lokus - Adventure, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Mythology

Gods and thunder. Brothers and betrayal. Death and rebirth. Original Viking tales of Asgard, Thor, Loki, Odin, and Baldur come to life in a full-color, action-packed graphic novel format that's perfect for young readers who crave adventure. Prepare yourself for sibling rivalry, ancient prophecies, and epic battles --- and enter the weird, wild world of Norse mythology like you’ve never seen it before.

Written by Carl Bowen with illustrations by Marc Lee - Adventure, Children's 9-13, Fiction

From the makers of SHADOW SQUADRON comes another elite crew of heroes, but these heroes fight a very different battle: the war against wildfires. With the climate changing and the population growing, wildfires have increased in number, size, and severity. Only an elite group of men and women are equipped to take on these immense infernos: Firestormers!

by Carl Bowen, Wilson Tortosa, Benny Fuentes, and Mark Lee - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery

When there’s a dangerous, near-impossible mission that needs done, only Shadow Squadron is up to the job. Over the years, the elite team of soldiers has used its superior skills to resolve conflicts around the globe under the leadership of Lieutenant Commander Ryan Cross. But the world remains riddled with warfare, and there’s still work to be done for the covert team. And with new members, traitors and rogue agents, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Can the Shadow Squadron work as one expert unit in order to secure the safety of others and complete their increasingly treacherous missions?