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C. M. Surrisi


C. M. Surrisi

C. M. Surrisi

Books by C. M. Surrisi

by C. M. Surrisi - Children's, Culture, Mystery

Quinnie Boyd's teacher has disappeared. Quinnie thinks it's a kidnapping, but her mom, the town sheriff, just thinks the teacher has left town. Still, Quinnie's going to follow her instincts. Her investigation takes her through a damp and smelly marsh, a lobster pound and more of Maine's messiest places. She even gets help from her new neighbor, Mariella. As the girls hunt for clues, they encounter a cast of unlikely characters. And if Quinnie's hunch is right, the search may lead them right into danger...

by C. M. Surrisi - Children's, Children's 9-13, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction
For decades, Gusty's Café has been a beloved staple in Maiden Rock, Maine. Quinnie Boyd's dad runs the café, just like Quinnie's granddad before him. But the family business has new competition when a bad-boy chef from Boston opens his own place in the small vacation town. The new restaurant takes fancy dining to the extreme. Still, that's not a crime...but when things start to go wrong at Gusty's, Quinnie suspects foul play. Are the people behind Restaurant Hubert trying to squash the Boyds' family café? Quinnie is about to find out if it is a coincidence --- or sabotage.
by C. M. Surrisi - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Mystery

In the months after Quinnie Boyd cracked the mystery of her missing teacher, she expected life in her small Maine town to snap back to normal. But two writers from New York City have arrived in Maiden Rock, and there's something not quite right about them. Sure, Ceil and Edgar are pale. And they dress in all black. And they don't go near the sunlight. But could they really be vampires? To find out, Quinnie turns to Dominic a new kid in town who's an expert on everything geeky. Together, they'll risk their necks to find an answer.