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Brenda Z. Guiberson


Brenda Z. Guiberson

Brenda Z. Guiberson has written many books for children, including CACTUS HOTEL, SPOONBILL SWAMP, MOON BEAR AND DISASTERS. As a child, Brenda never thought she wanted to be a writer --- her dreams tended more toward jungle explorer. She graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in English and Fine Art. She started thinking about writing for children when her son went to elementary school, and she volunteered in his class and in the school library. After taking exciting trips that involved a 50-foot cactus, hungry alligators and sunset-colored spoonbills, she wanted to create books for children that would be like a field trip. Her books are full of well-researched detail, and Brenda sees this research as an adventure --- one that allows her to be a jungle explorer at last. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Brenda Z. Guiberson

Books by Brenda Z. Guiberson

by Brenda Z. Guiberson - Adventure, Biography, Children's 10-14, Children's Nonfiction, Crime, History, Nonfiction

In MISSING!, a photo-illustrated middle-grade nonfiction book, Brenda Guiberson explores the stories of six individuals who have disappeared mysteriously throughout history.

written by Brenda Z. Guiberson with illustrations by Gennady Spirin - Animals , Children's, Children's 4-8

Which creature is the deadliest? Is it the insect that bites, the ostrich that kicks, the snake that squeezes, or the shrew that paralyzes? Is it the most venomous, the most poisonous, or the one that infects its victims with a fatal disease? Find out in this fascinating picture book!

by Brenda Z. Guiberson and William Low - Animals , Children's, Children's 4-8, Education, History

Millions of years ago, before there were red-breasted robins and busy blue jays . . . there were feathered dinosaurs. Scientists have found evidence that Anchiornis, Caudipteryx, Confuciusornis, and many more dinosaurs all had feathers. Discover these amazing ancient creatures --- and the connection between feathered dinosaurs and modern-day birds!