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Bagram Ibatoulline


Bagram Ibatoulline

Bagram Ibatoulline

Books by Bagram Ibatoulline

by Heather Vogel Frederick and Bagram Ibatoulline - Holiday, Picture

It’s almost Christmas, and Jo March is determined that this year, unlike the last, there will be presents. It is in this spirit that she and her dear friend Laurie build a snow maiden for poor, sick Beth. The next day, Beth is thrilled with her present, and each of the girls, in turn, receives a little something from the others. But the best gift of all arrives when Papa, who has been away at war and ill, makes a surprise return home for Christmas dinner.

by Hans Christian Andersen and Bagram Ibatoulline - Adventure, Children's, Classics, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Mythology

Kai and Gerda are best friends. So when Kai begins to act cruelly, Gerda knows that something has gone terribly wrong --- and when he disappears, Gerda sets off on an epic journey, facing three great trials before finally discovering Kai at the palace of the evil Snow Queen. But can Gerda break the Snow Queen's enchantment and pass the final test?

Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth, Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline - Children's, Children's Nonfiction, Family, History

In Sharon Dennis Wyeth's family, important moments in a girl's life are commemorated with the passing down of the Granddaughter Necklace, a tradition reaching back to Wyeth's ancestors in Ireland and Aftrica. This is the story of one family's growing and changing through trials, tribulations, and the passing of time.

written by Rosemary Wells, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline - Fiction

The Crash of 1929 has rippled across the country, and Oscar Ogilvie's dad must sell their home --- with all their cherished model trains --- and head west in search of work. Forced to move in with his humorless aunt, Carmen and his teasing cousin, Willa Sue, Oscar is lonely and miserable --- until he meets a mysterious drifter and witnesses a crime so stunning it catapults Oscar on an incredible train journey from coast to coast, from one decade to another.

written by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline