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Aurore Damant


Aurore Damant

Aurore Demant is a French illustrator, art director and character designer.

Aurore Damant

Books by Aurore Damant

written by Dori Hillestad Butler with illustrations by Aurore Damant - Fiction, Mystery, Supernatural

Kaz and Claire are called in for another ghostly mystery, and this ghost is always right on time. When Claire’s friend tells the young detectives about his five o’clock ghost, Kaz wonders if it could be his own missing brother, Little John. Kaz and Claire search the house up and down, but they can’t find any trace of Little John---or any other ghost. Yet when five o’clock comes along, the strange occurrences come back again...

by Dori Hillestad Butler and Aurore Damant - Youth Fiction

Kaz and Claire’s new detective agency is a success! Their latest case, though, is proving to be the hardest yet. When Claire’s classmate says he saw a ghost backstage while rehearsing the school play, Kaz goes to school with Claire to investigate. From the description the boy gave, Kaz is sure it’s his mom --- but where has she gone? Kaz and Claire search everywhere and find no trace of her, but the mysterious ghostly activities are still happening…