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Anne Nesbet


Anne Nesbet

Anne Nesbet teaches classes on silent films and Russian novels at UC Berkeley. The author of THE CABINET EARTHS and A BOX OF GARGOYLES, she lives near San Francisco with her husband, three daughters, and one irrepressible dog.

Anne Nesbet

Books by Anne Nesbet

by Anne Nesbet - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Historical Fiction

It’s 1941, and tensions are rising in the United States as the Second World War rages in Europe. Eleven-year-old Gusta’s life, like the world around her, is about to change. Her father, a foreign-born labor organizer, has had to flee the country, and Gusta has been sent to live in an orphanage run by her grandmother. Inspired by her mother’s fanciful stories, Gusta secretly hopes to find the coin-like “Wish” that her sea-captain grandfather supposedly left hidden somewhere. Meanwhile, even as Gusta gets to know the orphans at the home, she finds herself facing patriotism turned to prejudice, alien registration drives and a family secret likely to turn the small town upside down.

by Anne Nesbet - Children's, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Jewish Interest, Youth Fiction

Noah has a pretty normal life, until one afternoon when his parents pick him up from school and head straight for the airport, telling him that his name isn’t really Noah and he didn’t really just turn 11 in March. He can’t even ask them why because asking questions is against the newly instated rules. (Rule Number Two: Don’t talk about things indoors, because Rule Number One: They will always be listening). As Noah and his parents head behind the Iron Curtain, the rules begin to pile up so quickly that he can hardly keep track. Who is listening and why? And what really happened to the parents of his only friend, Cloud-Claudia, the lonely girl who lives downstairs?

by Anne Nesbet - Children's 8-12, Fantasy

In the enchanted village of Lourka, almost-twelve-year-old Linny breaks an ancient law. Girls are forbidden to so much as touch the town's namesake musical instrument before their twelfth birthday or risk being spirited away. But Linny can't resist the call to play a lourka, so she builds one herself.

When the punishment strikes her best friend instead, Linny must leave home to try to set things right. With her father's young apprentice, Elias, along for the journey, Linny travels from the magical wrinkled country to the scientific land of the Plain, where she finds herself at the center of a battle between the logical and the magical.