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Amy Hest


Amy Hest

Amy Hest is a three-time winner of the Christopher Medal and winner of theBoston Globe-Horn Book Award. She lives in New York City.

Amy Hest

Books by Amy Hest

Written by Amy Hest and illustrated by Lauren Tobia - Children's 2-4, Picture

On the first night of winter, Little Miss Bear will not go to sleep. She simply refuses. "Winter is for sleeping," Mother Bear tells her. "But why, Mother?" Little Miss asks. "Because that’s what bears do. All bears sleep, all winter long." All winter long is much too long for Little Miss Bear. She is going to miss her stars and her moon, and she is going to miss rolling on hills. Most of all, she is going to miss Mother Bear. But Mother finds a special way to assure her that they will all be there waiting for her --- the stars, the moon, the hills, and especially Mother Bear --- when she wakes in the spring. From author Amy Hest and artist Lauren Tobia comes a warm and emotionally resonant story that is sure to comfort little bears everywhere.

written by Amy Hest with illustrations by Amy Bates - Animals , Children's 5-8, Family Life, Picture

After a young boy’s beloved pet passes away, he encounters an adorable stray dog on the beach. The boy tries to walk away and ignore the cuddly creature, but the puppy continues to follow him, undeterred. Though the boy is still dealing with the pain of his loss and feels afraid to care about a new pet again, as the two walk the sand together, the boy slowly opens himself up to the joy of having a new dog in his life and making peace with the past.

by Amy Hest and Helen Oxenbury - Juvenile Fiction

It’s a snowy day, and Grampa is coming by train for a visit. Henry can’t wait! He sets out with Charley, his beloved pup, pulling a sled for Grampa’s suitcase. At last Grampa arrives, but when a sudden gust of wind blows his hat away, Charley disappears into the whirling snow --- and returns, to their relief, carrying Grampa’s green cap!