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Alan Armstrong


Alan Armstrong

Alan Armstrong started volunteering in a friend's bookshop when he was eight. At 14, he was selling books at Brentano's. As an adult, every so often, he takes to the road in a VW bus named Zora to peddle used books. He is the editor of Forget Not Mee & My Garden, a collection of the letters of Peter Collinson, the 18th-century mercer and amateur botanist. He lives with his wife, Martha, a painter, in Massachusetts.

Alan Armstrong

Books by Alan Armstrong

by Alan Armstrong - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

In the spring of 1947, outer space was an unexplored realm, but eleven year-old Alex Heart and her impulsive brother, Chuck, believe that the stars are within reach. In the midst of building their own rocket, Alex and Chuck befriend Captain Ebbs, an army scientist who is working to create food for future space travelers, and the trio's shared interest in space travel sets off a series of adventures that the three will never forget.

written by Alan Armstrong, illustrated by Tim Jessell