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Adina Rishe Gewirtz


Adina Rishe Gewirtz

Adina Rishe Gewirtz has worked as a freelance journalist, a high-school tutor, and a business-writing consultant. The author of HOW TO SAY IT: BUSINESS WRITING THAT WORKS, Adina Gewirtz now coaches writers and spends most of her time focused on her first love, fiction writing. ZEBRA FOREST is her first novel. She lives just outside of Washington, D.C.

Adina Rishe Gewirtz

Books by Adina Rishe Gewirtz

by Adina Rishe Gewirtz - Children's, Children's 10+, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction

When siblings Susan, Max, Nell, Kate and Jean tumble one by one through a glowing cobalt window, they find themselves outside their cozy home --- and in an unfamiliar world where everything looks wrong and nothing makes sense. Soon, an ancient prophecy leads them into battle with mysterious forces that threaten to break the siblings apart as they try desperately to find their way home. Thirteen-year-old twins Max and Susan and their siblings take turns narrating the events of their story in unique perspectives as each of the children tries to comprehend their stunning predicament --- and their extraordinary new powers --- in his or her own way.

by Adina Rishe Gewirtz - Young Adult 9+

Annie tells stories as she and Rew laze under the birches and oaks of Zebra Forest --- stories about their father the pirate, or pilot, or secret agent. But then something shocking happens to unravel all their stories: a rattling at the back door, an escapee from the prison holding them hostage in their own home, four lives that will never be the same.